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Published on September 11th, 2013 | by Jazmin Patigayon


Ghost Saga Review

Ghost Saga, one of the trending games for Facebook, is a mysterious role playing adventure game where you are tasked to help the citizens in a Ghost Town.

You play as the main character, Anna, who received a mysterious package with a magical wand and a letter saying that her grandfather had died in a certain town. Filled with curiosity, she went to the address specified where her grandfather had lived – only to realize that the town is a Ghost Town and she’s speaking to her grandfather’s ghost!

Ghost Saga Video Gameplay:

Graphics: Very Good
Great visual design. Character and environment details are vivid giving off a well defined overall effect, adding to the game’s mysterious feel. Although the walking animation of the main character does look awkward in a certain way. Other than that, the graphics are drawn very well.

Sound: Very Good
Beautiful mysterious music that oddly reminds me of World of Warcraft Night Elves area, if I’m not mistaken. The song fits very well with the mysterious theme of the game.

Playability: Good
The game plays like most point and click mystery adventure games where you have to search for items to unlock certain parts of an area, the difference is in the “energy” bar and social aspect of it. Like most Facebook games, the annoying part of this game is when you run out of energy and you’re left hanging in the middle of the story – or left waiting for a few minutes for your energy to refresh. The good news is that, you can buy energy using in-game coins without using real cash, but careful – you might run out of in-game cash too! Another annoying part of the game is the fact that some items require “friends” to give them to you before it’s completed. This “social” aspect of the game is really a big turn off if you don’t have a lot of active friends who can play with you.

Despite those hindrances to the overall game experience, the game is surprisingly very immersive. Not only does this game have good graphics and sound, it also has a very good story line. It’s one of those games where I actually ‘read’ through the character conversations. The game has me zoned out in clicking here and there without even realizing that I’ve run out of “energy”.

Bottom line is, the game is a really great casual game with lots of addictive and immersive quality to it. If you have an active streamline of gifters, then you can probably wheeze through this game in a cinch – that is, also if you have the patience for it.


Pros: Great character and environment design. Immersive storyline and gameplay. You can purchase energy using in-game cash not real money.
Cons: Long waiting time. Need friends to give you certain items for crafting.

Playbuzz Rating: 4 Star Rating4

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