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Published on September 16th, 2013 | by Jazmin Patigayon


Riddle Stone Saga Review

Yet another saga puzzle game for Facebook, but this time Riddle Stone Saga isn’t one of those match-3 games that usually plague the title.

Riddle Stone Saga plays like the classic Minesweeper and Sudoku. However, instead of finding bombs placed beneath hidden tiles, in this game – you need to find colored squares instead. Assist Carmen decode the mysteries and collect various treasures across time & space to save the world.

Riddle Stone Saga Video Gameplay:

Graphics: Very Good
The game showcases well drawn characters and colorful background landscapes. The interface is also neatly arranged without distracting the player’s point of view.

Sound: Okay
For some reason, the game sounds are in very low volume. The music can hardly be heard at all, except for some minor beats and tinkles here and there that oddly reminds you of Plants vs Zombies.

Playability: Very Good
The gameplay is a cross between the 2 all-time classic puzzles, Minesweeper and Sudoku. Combining both classic games makes Riddle Stone Saga quite challenging and fun. Not to mention, the difficulty range is gradual – so newbies will find themselves easing into the game comfortably adding to the game’s addictive factor. There are some minor bugs that I’ve found like in some cases when completing a level and finding a new treasure, there’s no continue playing button – in the end, refreshing the game is the only way to exit it.


Pros: Fun and addictive. Unique gameplay despite the Saga series title. Gradual difficulty curve.
Cons: Few minor bugs.

Playbuzz Rating: 4 Star Rating4

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  1. Alissia Olgster says:

    Here is the link to play Riddle Stone Saga :

    I like this game, please send me lives … 😉

  2. Hristiyana Vlaseva says:

    can played about android 😕 i want play on my tablet

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