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Published on June 21st, 2013 | by Jazmin Patigayon


Smurfs & Co Spellbound Review

It’s another Smurfy game! Introducing, Smurfs & Co Spellbound, one of the top free to play social games for Facebook. It’s a casual city building type of game based on the hit classic, The Smurfs.

In this game, you play as a smurf (not gender locked – Thank the Gods!), who managed to escape from Gargamel’s magic storm throughout the land. To those unlucky NPC smurfs however, they have all turned to stone and you’re the only one who can help un-curse them!

Smurfs & Co Spellbound Video Gameplay:

The gameplay is pretty simple. Like usual city building games, you will have to manage the town and complete quests, build the necessary houses and workshops, decorating and farming crops are also tasks you need to complete to help cure the cursed smurfs.

Like most Smurf games that are out in all devices, it incorporated the colorful environment and animations from the 2D cartoons to this game. It is very well done and fun to watch the interactions of the npcs to the different items.

There’s just one thing confusing about this game, there is no way to determine if that item is ready for collection. You will have to double check by clicking on collectible items if they’re ready – which is kind of a waste of time for someone who wants to play a fast paced collection game such as myself.

The cash items does not ruin the gameplay, however, it offers some really tempting stuff such as the “snow potion” where you can make snow fall from the sky… okay, so I just LOVE weather effects. That aside, the cash shop offers the usual energy refill options and some really cool decorations.

Graphics: Very Good
The animations and colorful environment is very well done and fun to watch. I like the weather effects that they added in the game too.

Sound: Good
Although the game does not have any background music, only sound effects, it’s still fun in its own way.

Playability: Very Good
The game is best played in a casual basis, but there’s always room for hardcore players who simply love to unlock new items and explore the entire map of the game.

Pros: Simple gameplay and graphics are amazing with night and daytime effects as well as weather.
Cons: Can’t tell when the collectible items are “ready” for collection.

Playbuzz Rating: 4 Star Rating4

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