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Published on October 29th, 2013 | by Dino Manigque


Throne Rush Review

Throne Rush is a classic RTS building game. Get in gear and prep your army for war is coming in this war-strategy game available on iOS, Android and Facebook.

Take control of your very own tiny kingdom and expand by building core structures and upgrading them. Gather resources through milling, mining and raids. Train/recruit armies for added offensive power in knocking down your foes, and improve your defenses by erecting walls and towers for increased resistance on attacks.

Throne Rush Gameplay

Graphics: Very Good

Good overall graphic look. Structure details are fine, smooth and well toned. I love how the interface is clean and efficient with a minimize-able friend bar. But as for the army units, they are pretty small and doesn’t look that impressive. Despite that I do believe that they’ve put a great effort into the details and that they considered the ratio of the structure size to the  unit size, so as to give a realistic look on things. There are two things to note about in the battle phase: one is where some units overlaps with the structures and another is the part where units are awkwardly faced away from what they are attacking, but unless you’re not as meticulous as I am, I don’t think this would affect you that much.

Sound: Average

Good soundtrack. Just that and nothing special more to it. Plain and simple sound effects like crashing, clashing and breaking, nothing new of the sort.

Gameplay: Very Good

Common gameplay where you build, gather, train, attack and defend. Seems boring isn’t it, well.. yeah maybe as time passes, but because of the balanced system of this game, you get to enjoy the strategy/building part of it. I personally appreciate the simplicity of the game, since some RTS games tend to be too deep to enjoy and needs walkthroughs and such to fully enjoy it. But in this game’s case, you don’t need those things. There are two things I can say for this game: “Simple” and “Immersive”. Simple for it doesn’t stray much to norm, so it does not sacrifice familiarity; And immersive, mainly because of its balanced system that aren’t often seen in casual RTS games lately. Overall, very good.

throne rush610

Pros: Balanced system. Smooth graphics.
: Directional attack problems. Overlapping graphics seldom occurs.

Playbuzz Rating: 4 Star Rating4

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2 Responses to Throne Rush Review

  1. Austin Walker says:

    When trying to play this game, and I’ve noticed this with other player too, there seems to be a problem with the Start up Loading Of the game. When It Is Loading It Will Stop At 70% and After A While Go To A Black Screen Where the Game Would Be.

  2. Johnny says:

    Its a crazy addictive game too

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