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Published on April 4th, 2013 | by Philip


Dueling Blades: Begginers’ Guide and Dueling Tips

Dueling Blades is a Unity 3D game with great graphics and gameplay that is a mix of strategy/tactics and role-playing. In this guide, I will give you some helpful beginners tips and also some dueling strategies to support you in your battles.

I have a level 33 Rogue currently with 60% Win Rate and 2104 Battle Points. I may not be the best but I have beaten a lot players of the 2700 – 3000 BP range. I am confident to say that I have enough experience to help players. Read on brave warrior.

Begginers Guide:


When choosing your second class (Ninja, Rogue, Knight or Samurai), choose the one that suits your playstyle. This really matters. Ive chatted with a lot of players and most feel disappointed with the class they have chosen. If you want to play as a tank, go for knight. You want to be sneaky? Go for Rogue or Ninja.

  • Save gold! Don’t feel tempted to buy those equipments that cost 9k gold. Save them for important skills. Soon you might get lucky in the Free Spin and be able to snag that awesome Ultra Rare Item.
  • Best way to gain money is through quests. Try your best not to die so that your drop rate stays high. Increasing your chance to change 35 gold into a 1000 gold really helps.
  • Try to keep your PVE kill-streak high or even full. The higher the kill streak..the better the success rate of the Free Spin.
  • Do not just buy every new skill. I advice to get at least a passive skill, a long range, a Grab Attack, an Fury Attack and one cheap EP skill. For example, for my Rogue, I use: Backstab (passive) , Poison Blade (long range), Dagger Fury (Fury Attack), Stun Kick (Grab Attack) and Broad Strike (Cheap EP).
  • Do not underestimate enemy NPCs. They may be stupid, but they can surprise you…so don’t let your guard down. An example would be Renge with his Tsubame skill. Get beaten and there goes your precious PVE killstreak down the drain.
  • Do not be afraid to PvP. It is fun and BP doesn’t really matter in the lower levels. So don’t be afraid to lose them. With constant practice, you will know that ropes and tactics to fight effectively in the later levels. Within a few days or even hours, you will regain all that lost BP points.


Dueling Tips:

  • If you have enough EP, try to use a Grab Attack like Stun Kick, Tsubame Gaeshi, Counter Attack or Earthquake when cornered. When attacking a stunned enemy try to think like the enemy player…attacking from the rear is quite obvious already. So aim for the sides or even at the front! Mind tricks.
  • Do not underestimate Knights. Their damage may not be as strong as a samurai’s but with proper EP management they can whittle down their foes with their high defense and long range strikes. Endurance is the name of their game.
  • Always, and I mean always, try your best to get a high score in the “locked-blades” mini-game. Try to make the outer circle align with the smaller circle. The higher your score, you will gain the strike. Nullifying the enemy’s attack.
  • Always take note that Thief/Ninja/Rogues have a wider attack range while a Warrior/Knight/Samurai have a narrow yet farther range. Keep this in mind. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is key.
  • Do not be afraid to run…running in this game is not an act of cowardice but playing smart. Staying in one spot is a death sentence. Just try your best to ignore the flaming your opponent says in chat. Haha!


  • Spamming Grab Attacks wont work! For beginners it might, but for advance players (1000+ BP) they will counter you with one too.
  • After executing a Grab Attack try to see if your enemy has enough EP to cast a Grab Attack. If he does, stay away, do not retaliate.
  • If playing a ninja and you are struggling, try “”blocking” your foes with the Caltrops skill within a medium distance. Plant one between you and your opponent, and stay away to rest for EP or plan your next move.
  • When fighting against a samurai, be always cautious when engaging him/her when he/she has 9 or 10 EP. He/she might cast that super effective skill Tsubame Gaeshi.
  • If playing a knight and a enemy rogue happens to land a poison blade on you, cast a Aura of Protection. That 13 or 15 damage will be reduced to a measly 3 or 5.
  • When playing a rogue, play with caution and trickery. I have defeated a lot of players by using a method called “kiting”. Kiting means dealing damage and staying away from enemy attack range. Try to land a Poison Blade as far away as possible when an enemy will most likely cast a Grab Attack. Poison Blade has a farther range so it can reach the enemy without letting you get into the Grab Attack’s range.
  • There is a bug. The Rogue’s Poison Blade can stack. If  you landed a Poison Blade to an enemy twice, he will receive twice the normal damage! It may be cheating, but its a tip. Haha!


And that is all my friends. I’m sure these tips will give you a great fresh start and will also help you win against tough opponents encountered in this awesome PvP game. See you in the arena guys!

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