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Published on September 16th, 2013 | by Dino Manigque


Glass Crush Review

Start revving up your brain engines for this challenging logic puzzle game offered in Windows Phones. Glass Crush has a familiar gameplay and will definitely get you going for hours.

You start with a number of bricks with different colors. Your goal is to crush all the bricks by moving, dragging and swapping the bricks. Three or more bricks with the same color  in a row or column are required to crush a group. The challenge here is that you will only be given a specific amount of moves to crush all the bricks. With over 12 zodiac levels each having 50 missions.

Glass Crush Gameplay

Graphics: Good

Quality is good. The glass bricks look glossy and smooth. The interface is clean, buttons are easy to understand but with one tiny mishap, the “Step left” indicator which should have been “Steps left” but all-in-all it’s all good.

Sound: Average

Common swapping and dragging sounds to be expected from a casual puzzle game. No background music though, very monotonous when you’re just hearing click and ticks sound effects. Very ordinary and not that good in overall sound quality.

Gameplay: Good

Familiar concept where you drag or swap in order to form a vertical or horizontal group of three or more. The moves are also limited like other games but with one unique feature: The number of moves or steps is exactly the amount needed to break all the bricks. Very logical and challenging, definitely not for people with no patience to spare.

glass crush610

Pros: Familiar gameplay. Enhances concentration. Very challenging.
Cons: No background music. Gets a little boring as the game drags on.

Playbuzz Rating: 3.5 Star Rating3.5

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